So you want to play Warhammer: Warcry? A Warcry Primer

Josh Wilkins
December 17, 2019


So you want to play Warcry?

The call of the Everchosen rings out across the mortal realms.  Your tribe, eager to please the dark gods, answers the grim call. You all want nothing more than to serve Archaon and prove yourself worthy. But there are others....  

Warcry is Games Workshop's skirmish combat game set in the Mortal Realms of the Age of Sigmar universe. Choose a warband that serves Chaos and destroy whoever or whatever is in your way. 

The easiest way to get started in Warcry is to purchase the Starter set. 

It’s got a price tag of $170, which can be daunting to some, but it’s got tons of content for you and a friend to enjoy. You can play up to 4 players, but you’ll need some additional sets. We will get to those later! 

If you have never played any type of Warhammer or Games Workshop product before, everything in the box must be assembled before you can play. After all, half the fun is in assembling them and painting them with your own individual style!

To just assemble them and get right into playing you will need:

  • X-acto knife
  • Clippers
  • Super glue/plastic glue (You can use whatever brand glue you would like. I recommend Loctite ultra liquid control.) 

I might get flayed by some for this next part but here goes. You don't need to paint your models  if you don't want to! As long as you do not plan on entering any tournaments you will not need to paint any of these. It is always a huge debate on forums and such about painted vs. unpainted, in my opinion, if you're just playing with some friends at your house or local shop then no you don't have to paint anything.  If you plan on entering any type of campaign or even run by a local shop, then you'll have to ask the organizer of the event on painting rules. Usually it's a three color minimum. If you want to learn how to get started painting these quick. I can give you a list:

-Primer. Rattle can primer (krylon, army painter, citadel) are your best bet. I would go with white or black if it's your first time and try not to get something that paint + primer you will want FLAT primer(I can't find a black primer only paint+primer). If you can find it, Krylon makes camouflage primer that I love but usually can only find it in a dark green or khaki color.

-Paint. You can use any acrylic paint you want, either go super cheap or you can go for more expensive but higher quality paints. I personally use Citadel paints, they can be costly, but  they do have new painter bundles that aren't too bad and should be enough to paint at least the warbands.

- Paint Brushes.  I just buy my brushes at my local craft store. I buy the medium range of brushes (artist’s loft), if you take care of them, they'll last a long while.


So what's in the box?

  • Iron golems warband
  • Untamed Beasts warband
  • Chaotic beasts
  • Terrain
  • Fighter Cards
  • Battleplan Cards
  • Measuring Stick
  • Tokens 
  • Double sided battlefield mat
  • Rules and assembly guide

Dang that is a lot of stuff! Let’s go through it!

Iron Golems


The Iron Golems are the Blacksmiths of chaos. Hailing from the Ferrium Mountains in the realm of Chamon. Believing flesh is weak and metal is eternal. They believe they have been chosen by Archaon to provide weapons and armor for his endless hordes. You get eight miniatures.

Untamed Beasts


Untamed beasts are a nomadic tribe from the realm of Ghur. They see chaos as the Devourer of existence and Archaon as the Devourer of Worlds. They carry pelts and trophies of their previous hunts and through rituals bind the spirits of their fallen hunts to themselves. You get eight miniatures and a good boy pupper!

Chaotic Beasts

Raptoryx and Furies hunt the realms picking off unsuspecting warbands. These add a random element to the game and aren't required to play but you can always add them for a little excitement! You get 6 Raptoryx and 6 Furies.


You get lots of terrain! It’s modular too! Follow the instructions when you assemble this. There's plenty of spots where you DO NOT glue them together. The terrain cards require different setups of the terrain.

Cards, Dice, Tokens, Playmat

There are a lot of cards included; I can't show the cards themselves due to GW rules but you get:

  • Terrain cards: these show you how to set up your terrain for your match
  • Deployment cards: these show you where to deploy your warbands
  • Victory card: these show you how you must win your current game of Warcry!
  • Twist cards: these will add some sort of..well..twist to your game! It will make things either easier or more difficult depending on which one is drawn!
  • Fighter cards: these show you your fights stats and abilities if they have any.
  • Three sets of dice: one for each warband and one set for the beasties.

You get tokens to show wounds and which fighters have been used already this turn.

You also get a double sided game board! This is your playspace! Your battle goes on this battlefield! You could always purchase alternate playmats but this is your starter one.

You also get a measuring stick. This game is measured in inches, if you lose this you can use any ruler. Most people use a small measuring tape.

Rules and Assembly Guide

These two things are probably the most important things in the whole box! Follow your assembly guide closely and you'll get them on the tabletop in no time! It is a time consuming process to get all this built. Take your time and don't get discouraged have friends help you! Make a night out of it! The rule book gives you all you need to play and is pretty easy to find everything inside. There's also lots of awesome picture to inspire you  on paint schemes for your warbands once they are assembled!

That's it! Get out there, build your warbands, terrain and let the blood flow!

What’s not in the box?

There’s tons more already available to make your games of warcry more interesting!


There are currently four other warbands for warcry and two currently not released.  I personally will be picking up The Unmade and Corvus Cabal because I love the look of the creepy Unmade and how can you say no to bird people? 

Age of Sigmar Warbands


This is actually pretty exciting you get to bring in you Age of Sigmar Army troops to make a warband exploring the realms to battle chaos or just cause a ruckus because it’s fun! Each pack has rule sets and information to convert your AoS models into being able to used for Warcry.

My Flesh Eater Courts cant wait to devour flesh of anyone that crosses their path in the mortal realms! The Savage Orks are also looking like a lot of fun. Pick up the card pack for the army you own and get to building your warband! If you're new to Warhammer in general I wouldn't recommend this path right away. I would stick to the premade warbands made for Warcry. Once you get the hang of it, grab your favorite pack of cards and go nuts!

Ravaged Lands

Right off the bat theres 2 new environments for you to battle in! I would play the Starter set for a while until you pick one of these up. They come with the terrain, game board and tokens you need for each of them.  I actually own the Corpsewrack Mausoleum already. I bought it before Warcry even existed as just plain Age of Sigmar terrain. I'll have to find the cards and board online separately somewhere because I can't wait to smash face in a graveyard.

That's my breakdown of the Warcry starter set from Games Workshop!  I have to build mine and get playing! If anyone wants to see if warcry is for them stop on down to your local Flipside Gaming or if you're not in New York, stop into your local Local Game Store and find someone to play a game with! 

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