Shadowverse: Evolve - Reign of Bahamut Booster Box

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Price: $54.99


8 cards per pack, 16 packs per box

Cards by Rarity (117 in total)
B (Bronze): 40
S (Silver): 28
G (Gold): 28
L (Legendary): 21
*In addition, there are a total of 35 foiled versions of Bronze, Silver, and Gold cards.
*Each pack will contain at least one Gold card or better. 

Special Foils (28 in total)
U (Ultimate): 7
SL (Super Legendary): 21
*Ultimate cards are foiled versions of base-rarity cards with different illustrations and frame design.
*Super Legendary cards are foiled versions of Legendary cards with a different frame design.

Leader Cards: 2
Token Cards: 20 (8 new + 12 reprints)