US Airborne Bolt Action

Warlord Games

Price: $47.60


Contains a 30-man plastic US Airborne Platoon:

x5 each of 15 different heads
x5 LMG with bi pod
x5 bodies kneeling
x5 bodies prone
x20 bodies running/standing
x5 LMG with bi pod
x5 BAR
Arms with Rifles, Carbines, SMGs, pistols, binoculars, machette.
Pouches, Pigeon, ammo, holsters, knives, backpacks and other gear.
Construction leaflet including new Bolt Action rules entry.
Full colour waterslide decal sheet.
Weapons included: M1 Garand rifle, Thompson submachine gun, Browning pistol, Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), M1 Carbine, hand grenades, machete, and .30 Cal medium machine gun.