Top 10 Budget Mythic Rares: Two Color Guilds Edition

Mikeal Basile
November 07, 2022

“Magictating” is defined as getting into the zone with your Magic the Gathering collection--thinking, planning, organizing, reminiscing about past games, and imagining future games. It is a combination of hard thinking about the game and calm meditation, reveling in the joy it brings you.

Mythic rares usually command a pretty high price. These are the cards that have powerful effects that are too special to be considered printable as mere rares. These cards have mythical effects and generally have mythical price tags the better they are. When playing in Commander, playing a mythic often alters the game state to a significant degree. The only issue here is if we actually have the money to afford those big beefy mythics. Though, if you read the title, you know that we're about to explore the Ten Best Bang for Your Buck Mythics in all ten guild color combinations. That means we're looking at the ten best mythics that you can pick up for just a buck. Yes, you can pay ten dollars and walk out with all ten of these cards. Honestly, why wouldn't you want to put each of these cards in your collection—they're mythics under a buck and they have a significant effect on the game state! These cards feel mythic, so let's get “guilded”.


Orhov Syndicate

Don't expect that each of these mythics is going to come from some Ravnica based set. I have an inkling that you will enjoy cranking out the tokens with this spell. Blot Out the Sky is from Strixhaven and it is a mythically powerful X spell. When you cast this for six or more mana it is mythically awesome. Flooding the board with 6-10 2/1 fliers is incredibly strong. Getting 12 power worth of fliers for 8 mana is a good return, but we're going mythic here. Wiping out the rest of those pesky artifacts and enchantments people are abusing is the type of mythically swingy moment you dream of in your Commander games. Yes, this card is incredibly cheap, and yes it will feel incredibly broken when you cast it. Enjoy blotting out the sky and snapping up the wins with this budget friendly mythic!


Selesnya Conclave

Green and white are usually the colors for tokens, and so this best bang for your buck mythic is no surprise either. I promise I won't fill the rest of this list with X spells, but March of the Multitudes is so supremely powerful it's truly underrated and undervalued. Sure, you need to pump three mana into it to get started, and you're only gaining one power for each mana you pump into it, but that one little word “convoke” fixes all of those issues. You can easily double your army's size and expand to game-winning proportions by convoking a few creatures and then tapping all the rest of your mana into this powerful and quirky spell. Unlike most token generating spells, this one is an instant, so you can convoke and tap out right before your turn and never have to worry about leaving your shields down for an entire turn cycle. Similarly, casting this on your opponent's end step effectively gives all of your new tokens haste. It just feels like a spell that does all of those things should be worth more than buck. Don't sleep on this sweet green and white deal.


Azorius Senate

For the glorious and didactic senators we will actually turn toward an unlikely candidate—a dragon. Specifically, I'm looking at that incredibly affordably Dragonlord Ojutai. A five mana 5/4 flier with conditional hexproof is really absurdly powerful. When you consider that you effectively get to cast Anticipate every time it connects it really looks like a very powerful creature. I think people forget about this card because it was such an unbeatable card in draft, but it is mythically powerful in constructed as well. Blue and white fliers is a great archetypal build for Commander, and Dragonlord Ojutai really should be a fantastic budget inclusion in any of those lists.


Boros Legion

Boros is best known for battle nonsense, and has been truly gaining ground as the artifact color pair for sure. Wyleth is pretty great, but I have to go with Alibou as the best bang you can get for a dollar mythic rare. With The Brothers' War set coming out soon, and the emphasis on artifacts, tokens, and soldiers, it's not much of a stretch to imagine a card like Alibou, Ancient Witness becoming a more than the bargain buy he is right now. So much scrying, damage, and hasted goodness in one little golem package. This is my favorite golem tribal leader, and it is also a seriously powerful effect for under a buck.


Golgari Swarm

I'm turning to another legendary creature that apparently doesn't get nearly enough respect—Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord. Yes, this is an on-theme guild card, and it packs an enormous punch for under a dollar's worth of cardboard. Jarad is a synergy rich card that both loves filling graveyards and benefitting from their full state. It can be a simple matter of draining the entire table over the course of a couple activations from this truly mythically powerful four drop. Sure, it might be just over a buck to buy it, but you've surely got the money after paying under a buck for the others already, right?


House Dimir

The sneakiest of the guilds is by far the Dimir. However, as much as I'd like to tell you a sneaky card like Vela the Night-Clad is your best bang for your buck, that's simply not true. Sure, Vela is a cool card in that it pings opponents and gives your whole team intimidate, but have you looked at Wrexial, the Risen Deep lately? No, like actually read the card, and then tell me that those effects are not disgustingly powerful. You get a free Memory Plunder every time Wrexial connects. That's a free instant or sorcery from your opponent's graveyard that you get to cast for free. Oh, and you get to exile it, so your opponent can't get up to any shenanigans with that card themselves. Oh, and Wrexial is a 5/8, and it has islandwalk and swampwalk. The two colors that you most often want to steal sorceries and instants from in the first place won't be able to block the landwalking (swimming?) kraken. Thanks to the New Capenna Commander deck, you can pick this up for under a buck! That's some gross value. I'm going to be taking an extra copy or three of this guy onto every order I make, because why not?


Cult of Rakdos

Now, Rakdos lovers might think I'm going to talk about the titular leader here, but I'm not. I am going to mention a ridiculously undervalued card that really seems like it should've been a named legendary creature: Falkenrath Aristocrat. This is a 4/1 hasted flier for four mana. That's certainly powerful, but what makes this mythic tier is that you can sacrifice another creature to give it indestructible until end of turn. As a bonus, you can sacrifice a human and drop a +1/+1 counter on the aristocrat as well. This is a powerful, removal dodging card that can really help power your sacrifice themed decks toward the end-game. Who doesn't love a threat this powerful and this hard to kill for less than half dollar? I'm buying a dozen so I can run it in all my sacrifice themed Rakdos or Jund decks!


Simic Combine

The Simic are all about evolution, and I guess this list is evolving into a who's who of Commander power that doesn't hit you in the cheap-hole. Progenitor Mimic was, interestingly enough, the impetus for this particular list. At the time, it was actually below a buck to buy one of these. It has since creeped up a bit, but it is still a solid budget buy, and you'd be remiss if you missed out on having yourself at least one copy of any creature on the battlefield, and then another and another and another.


Gruul Clans

Gruul is known for the beats, and though I love Ruric Thar, he's no mythic. Meanwhile, there's another 6 drop creature that fits the bill nicely—Ravager Wurm. Ravager Wurm offers you tremendous flexibility and some important removal options for either fighting something else or destroying a pesky land like Rogue's Passage or some gross flipped Growing Rites of Itlimoc. This is the type of power and flexibility Gruul is specifically not known for, but that's what makes it all the more mythic.


Izzet League

I'd love to include Thousand-Year Storm here, but that's been down-shifted to rare, so I'll have to settle for something in the same vein. I don't know if you've ever built a spell-slinging deck, but when you do, be sure to include Epic Experiment. This is a big mana payoff spell that rewards you for diving deep on generating tons of mana, powering through your deck, and then winning with insanely powered value. You can easily end up casting 6 or more spells off a large enough experiment, and that alone should be enough to entice you to trade a gumball's worth of cash or the chance to live the dream in Commander.

I hope you're enjoying these little jaunts through the bargain bin of mythics that Magic has available. These are not the only bargains out there, but they are truly the biggest and most powerful pieces of cardboard you can find for their respectively small price tags. Tacking these into your order can always feel like a sweet little bonus. I love adding singles like these to box orders to help me guarantee a little pointed joy and a pointed direction to move in as well. Alibou is probably the one that is most likely to fly off this list in the near future, so snag him while you can. Make sure you don't get hit in the cheaphole and may the mythics, the guilds, the prices, and the cards be ever in your favor, my friends!