Iron, Shadow and Broken Realms Preview: Review.

Chris Blakeney Hope
August 28, 2020

This particular preview promised some much anticipated news for Xenos fans from 40k and also a big reveal for Age of Sigmar fans and it of these.

Admittedly Age of Sigmar hasn't received as much love in the last few months, what with the new edition of 40k launching and a Covid inspired backlog for Games Workshop to try and navigate but this was its time to shine.


For fans of Warcry two (kind of) new war-bands were announced in the form of the Khainite Shadowstalkers and the Scions of the Flame. These were actually previewed back in April (Remember April? ...Me neither) but now we have gotten to see the full range and it looks like a dream for painters and players alike. The set comes with some really atmospheric terrain and boards that match the aesthetic of both factions. The models themselves look excellent too with the smoke/shadow effects for the Shadowstalkers and the flames on the Scions open to so many different colour schemes and ideas that I can't wait to see what people come up with. 


Warhammer Underworlds new season gets underway with the Direchasm box which pits the Slaaneshi faction 'Hedonites of the Dread Pageant' against the more straight-laced 'Myari's Purifiers' from the Lumineth Realm-Lords faction. This is a decent way of kicking off the new season given that the Lumineth Real-Lords only debuted earlier this year themselves. We also got a glimpse at the upcoming Sepharon underworlds war-band, in the form of a cute (feels weird using cute to describe anything in Warhammer) skink. 

Age of Sigmar

The big reveal for Age of Sigmar however was the new box and more importantly the next step in the story: Broken Realms: Morathi. It’s Morathi's Daughters of Khaine that make up one half of this box in all their snake and winged goodness. The new hero, the Melusai Ironscale, looks as badass as one would expect and fits the range perfectly. 

The other faction is again Slaanesh in the form of Demonettes, Seekers and a Chariot. This is essentially what you get in the Start Collecting set but on a larger scale and with a new hero, the appropriately Slaaneshi named: the Lord of Pain. The model looks fantastic (and perfect for a conversion for any Warhammer 40k fans) so this will be an interesting option when it drops in November. 


And finally the reveal for 40k was for a single model, and a Necron model at that. Thinking this was going to be a big reveal for any long suffering Xenos fans out there? well yes but actually no. The model is big, essentially similar in design to the new Skorpekh Lords with six, count em, six guns for arms. A model that makes the Kelermorph look like it didn't bring enough guns to the party. As cool as the model is as a new heavy fire-power option for the Necron range, it is essentially a new model for an area that has had a lot of focus recently. The model itself will drop in October with the new Necron Codex. 


The next book and additions for Necromunda were previewed also,  with the Orlock gang getting some love off the back of the House of Blades and Escher gang release. It's Necromunda so it's instantly cool, and the Orlocks get some new gangers, ones with jump packs too, and robot dogs. See what I mean by cool.


Ultimately this was a big reveal for Age of Sigmar and given the recent focus on 40k with the new edition etc. it was well deserved. For 40k fans, particularly those of Xenos Factions, you will need to wait a little longer for any major news for your factions. (Cries in Eldar).


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