Stu Somers
July 19, 2017

Welcome to my weekly comic book oriented article here at Flipside Gaming. Last week the Superior Spider-Man morphed into the Superior Octopus and we met Miles Morales for the first time, well, for the second time. This week Kingpin and Dr. Strange team-up in the strangest Marvel Team-up in recent years and we will be astonished at the new X-men book coming out! Excelsior!


Amazing Spider-Man #30

This is the end for Parker Industries. Dr. Octopus has sprung a trap he had set several years ago when he started the company. Peter thought he was prepared to take down Hydra and the Superior Octopus when they came to Shanghai but he is now in a lot more danger. Tying back into a Free Comic Book day story means it is important to pick this up while you can heading into an event.

Deadpool #33

Is Deadpool potentially the greatest event comic tie-in ever? We get to see the consequences of Wade’s actions finally start to hit home and a little more background on what happened with Phil Coulson. It is starting to look more and more like Phil is dead but it makes you think there will be a big return of deceased characters at the end of Secret Empire. It makes you start to wonder if Miles Morales will kill Captain America after all.

Spider-Men 2 #1

I have been looking forward to this series for a long time. Five years feels so long ago, but we finally get to see who the Miles Morales of the 616-universe really is. We discover he is very wealthy and very scarred up. He is also involved with a version of Taskmaster that is about to confront the 2 Spider-Men and a vortex that formally lead to the Ultimate Universe. I am excited to see where this series leads and what it means for the characters heading into Legacy.

Uncanny Avengers #25

This was a pretty cool tie-in issue where we focus on the Dark Dimension and Rogue taking more of a leadership role. While it feels weird for her to feed into her insecurities a bit after all she is been through, I am willing to let it play out since this is a start of a new writer’s run on the comic. Everyone gets a moment to shine, even Rogue’s supervillain partners. Shocker and Scorpia could have been pretty one-note, but seeing them ask each other if they were now Avengers was really amusing. I mean, comics have done weirder things before, right?


Astonishing X-men #1

It looks like the reboot of the X-men were saving the best for last. We have a group that is comprised of a lot of former X-Force members. I am hoping this book takes a page out of the X-Force run from a few years back because that was one of my favorites. I think this book will have a lot of self-contained stories that will build towards a bigger narrative.

Doctor Strange #23

Team-up of the century! Dr. Strange and The Kingpin! I guess being trapped in the Dark Dimension would make for some strange pairings (pun intended). They are going after the person or thing that is in charge of New York City. I fully expect to see some really exciting and funny moments as they 2 characters that are rarely connected at all attempt to free NYC from the clutches of Hydra and leap back (Like Dr. Sam Beckett!) into the real world.

The Mighty Thor #21

Not 1, Not 2, but 3 Thors for the price of 1. Thor joins with Ultimate Thor and Odinson to take on Malekith’s growing army. With the Queen of Cinders lighting realms on fire and the War of Realms finally reaching Asgard, there is not going to be much time for team building for the Thors. Ultimate Thor is hellbent on revenge at this point so I could see him being the loose cannon of the group and putting everything else on the back burner.

Secret Empire #6

I am hoping this issue covers a couple of pressing answers we have regarding the make-up of Captain America’s Avenger team. Most notably why Odinson is siding with him. Maybe he promised him a way to get back Mjolnir which Steve Rogers was able to pick up. Also there is the question of Bruce Banner being temporarily alive and what does that mean for the rest of the remaining Avengers trying to gather up the Cosmic Cube to restore the world.

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 -Stu Somers

Stu is a former M:TG Pro Tour competitor and avid comic book fan. He wants to know what you think about his article, so leave a comment below or hit him up on twitter @Ssomers55.

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