Stu Somers
September 06, 2017

Welcome to my weekly comic book oriented article here at Flipside Gaming. Last week the Secret Empire fell and Deadpool tried to make right what once went wrong and failed. This week it is the second round of Xavier v. Shadow King and Deadpool and Spider-Man try to take down the new Murderworld!  So, without any further delay, here we go! Excelsior!




Deadpool #35


If there was one book in the whole Secret Empire run that had the biggest impact on any character emotionally it was Deadpool. He killed Coulson and Agent Preston, 2 people who believed him and trusted him. Deadpool was so blinded by his loyalty to Captain America that it was too late for him to change course and all he could do was continue to go forward and try to help the underground movement the best he could. There will be ramifications of this actions for years to come.


Generations: Hawkeye and Hawkeye #1


This was the best Generations one-shot so far. This is also the first one that we know how the heroes have been traveling back in time and interreacting with their predecessors in key moments. This one was a lot of fun because the interactions between Katie and Clint have always been fantastic. There was a small moment where Bullseye says he is going to get revenge so I would not be surprised to see Bullseye come after Katie sooner rather than later.


Secret Empire #10


We finally have hit the end, if you don’t count Secret Empire: Omega. Overall, I think the crossover was a “B- “. There were some parts that dragged on and the idea of a hydra Captain America never sat right with everyone. That being said, I think the scoop of the event and then losses that were occurred that are staying permanent make this event carry some weight. This was the last event for at least 18 months so we will have to see where Marvel goes from here.




Astonishing X-Men #3



I think the match-up between the Shadow King and Charles Xavier is one of the more fascinating one in all of comics. The reveal at the end of issue 2 that Charles might be willing to sacrifice his X-men to win this game was a bit of a shock and makes me think that this might not be the Charles we remember. Wolverine take center stage in this issue as I am sure we are going to get a lot of call backs to his past.


Black Bolt #5


Last we saw Black Bolt, we was having a talk with The Absorbing Man about their pasts and it will fleshed out Crusher Creel a bit. Black Bolt was rescued by Lockjaw as the air was running so there was a cliffhanger as to what happen with Crusher but I am hoping this is not the end of this tragic character. I would love to see a heroic turn for this long-standing villain and I would totally read a Black Bolt/Absorbing Man team-up comic.


X-Men Gold #11


This is the second part of the Omega Red rebirth. I expect more twists from this as Colossus and Magik both face their past and family. It would be a bit loose for this book to just bring back Omega Red and leave out both the Red Mafia or the Omega Clan. I wonder if we will see him defeated by being trapped in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean. That would be a pretty cool call-back to the animated series!


Spider-Man/Deadpool #21


Arcade is such a goofy character that he fits right in with Deadpool and Spider-Man. The last we saw of him he was running a Murderworld and picking off younger heroes. It was a pretty dark comic overall. So now we have Deadpool rescuing Spider-Man, all with the looming knowledge that eventually these two heroes are going to come to odds sooner rather than later.


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 -Stu Somers

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