Stu Somers
April 20, 2017

Welcome to my weekly comic book oriented article here at Flipside Gaming. I am going to be reviewing the previous week’s best Marvel books and preview the coming week’s books that are the most intriguing in descending order. So, without any further delay, here we go! Excelsior!



Amazing Spider-Man #26



We are starting to see the fallout of Peter Parker having his identity concealed and his split life between being a superhero and business owner take their toll on each other. Peter is so dead set on stopping Osborne that he is willing to risk his business and go against SHIELD. In the old days, Fury knew they were the same person but now he has no idea and is trying to stop Parker Industries as if it is Hydra or AIM. Parker luck strikes again!


Captain America: Sam Wilson #21



This book has been one of the heaviest that Marvel has put out in a long time. The subjects of race and social responsibility are heavy throughout this run and all were explored very well. It is nice to see that Sam’s world has been torn apart by Steve Roger’s Hydra plans and the inevitable reveal of that to Sam is something I am really looking forward to. Sam was pick to be the new Patriot but a few splash scenes in the middle and the ending make me think we might just see a brand-new person take up that role.


 Guardians of the Galaxy #19


This was the last Guardians of the Galaxy story for Brian Bendis and his 5-year run. This is also the end of the “Grounded” arc that spun out of Civil War 2. Rocket’s reaction to finding a spaceship graveyard for the first time and then seeing some of the part-time Guardians show up and help stop an invasion of the combined forces of several prominent alien threats were among some of the stand out moments in this book. Hopefully after Secret Empire we can see more Guardians on Earth stories, especially with the Infinity War movie on the horizon


Kingpin #3


This book is turning more into a story about how Sarah is going to write a piece on the Kingpin than about the Kingpin himself. We have added Daredevil to the story now and we are going to see him dig into what Sarah knows and what the Kingpin is planning. Another Marvel villain makes an appearance too which will add some extra elements to the story. Aside from not featuring the title character enough, this book does a lot to flesh out the side aspects of this new version of the Kingpin.


X-Men Blue #1


We finally get to see the original 5 X-men together again and doing what they can to stop other mutants from using their powers to take advantage of those that don’t. We get a bit of a throw-back story with Juggernaut and Tom Cassidy robbing a luxury yacht. However, there are plenty of subtle differences: Jean is in charge, Beast is using Magic, and Angel has wings of fire. The dialogue is great and light, but the reveal of who is leading them at the end adds a bit of danger to the story that might not have been there before.




Captain America #16



This is the last issue before Secret Empire kicks off. Steve Rogers is finally putting his plan into motion after all of his pieces are in place: He is the leader of Hydra, he has a news organization backing him, and the Americorps are spread all throughout the country. This is not going to go well for the heroes of the Marvel Universe since they are the first ones he is going to target. Did I forget to mention there is also a Chitauri invasion force on their way?


Daredevil #19 


Daredevil has been one of those characters that has had his secret identity in the public knowledge for a long time. Something happened where he was able to get that information hidden again and this issue we finally get to find out how far he is willing to go to keep it hidden and protect the people that matter most to him.


Moon Knight #13



Continuing the theme of revealing information, this issue promises to show us how Marc Spector got to this point of his life where his identities are fighting for control and where he was before all of this happened. I have really been into this book and Moon Knight is one of those characters that would be perfect for a Netflix show. I am hoping MCU is taking notice and considers adding him to their line up soon.

Venom #6


 We are really seeing Marvel go back to the status quo of their character lineup from a few decades ago and Eddie Brock returning as Venom is one of the more notable ones. Ever since he lost the symbiote he has been out of sight for the most part. He now gets to confront the new Venom who is using the symbiote against its wishes to do good, although I am not sure how much good will be done when Eddie gets ahold of it again.


X-Men Gold #2


 Now we get to see the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants return and it feels like 1960 all over again! Between DC un-rebooting its lineup and Marvel taking the approach of “what is old is new,” I am excited to get relive some of my younger year reading X-Men and seeing good old fashioned good mutant vs evil mutant storylines. It has been way too long of hero vs hero and the change is exciting!



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 -Stu Somers

Stu is a former M:TG Pro Tour competitor and avid comic book fan. He wants to know what you think about his article, so leave a comment below or hit him up on twitter @Ssomers55.

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