Stu Somers
April 13, 2017

Welcome to my weekly comic book oriented article here at Flipside Gaming. I am going to be reviewing the previous week’s best Marvel books and preview the coming week’s books that are the most intriguing in descending order. So, without any further delay, here we go! Excelsior!



All-New Wolverine #19


This issue did a good job of resetting the slate just like I thought it would. We get more of a team-up feel with Laura and her sister Gabby as the main focus points. The main “problem” of the virus outbreak feels more like a plot point than a driving aspect of the story. While a connection was hinted at, the execution will be the final say on whether this book can reach the next level and really be a pinnacle book for Marvel


Captain America: Steve Rogers #15


Well, this confrontation had to happen eventually. If Steve Rogers was to take over Hydra, Red Skull had to go. I just did not think it would involve a window and a whole bunch of rocks. This really shows how serious Steve is and how much trouble the rest of the Marvel Universe is in. I have a strong feeling Captain America is not done killing and a hero might feel his wrath too.


Spider-Man/Deadpool #16



I think with this issue, we have officially seen Dracula in every possible way. He was literally hiding in a basement playing video games in his underwear (which matches Deadpool’s!). This book also helped finish up the Mercs for Money cliffhanger and with Drac in toe, the conclusion is coming soon for this story arc. The insanely funny visuals make up for any lack of plot points and that is completely ok with me.


X-Men Gold #1



This was a good first step for the rebirth of the X-men line. You definitely felt the old-school feel of the X-men helping those that hate and fear them. This back to basics approach will really pay off in the end. Kitty Pryde is the lynch-pin as her relationships with all the old favorites are the heart and soul of this book. The art is also heavy on nostalgia so I am really looking forward to future issues, something I could not say before with the X-men line.


Iron Fist #2


This book really recovered from the mediocre first issue. While he is still moping about, we at least get to see him kick butt in a big time martial arts tournament and the action did not hold back. The book was a bit heavy on exposition, but if the improvements continue this might make up for the less than well received Netflix show. Rand being back in costume didn’t hurt either!



Amazing Spider-Man #26


Silver Sable is back from the dead and Norman Osborn has come into power in Symkaria. The “Parker Luck” mentioned in the previous issue is a very real thing apparently. Spider-Man has his hands tied behind his back since any attack is an act of war so it will be interesting to see what help Sable can offer him, if she is in fact someone he can trust again.


Captain America: Sam Wilson #21


This is the end of the road for Sam Wilson before heading into Secret Empire. Rage has been killed by prison thugs, there are corrupt cops running around and a community ready to riot. Sam Wilson renounced his attachment to America, now let’s see if gives up the shield because he can no longer stand behind what “America” the word means.

Kingpin #3



Now that Kingpin has had 2 issues to flesh out this character change, we get a bit of the old with Daredevil joining the action. I am really hoping they go the route of having Kingpin and Daredevil team up against a common enemy. I always enjoying seeing old characters interacting in new ways and this tops the list of what I think could push this Kingpin book into new and exciting territory.


X-Men Blue #1



More Nostalgia! We have the original 5 X-men together in a new book. Instead of Cyclops leading we have Jean Gray and instead of Professor X we have Magneto leading. They are also working on protecting humanity which hates and fear them. However, with Magneto’s recent run-in with Psylocke will he go back to his old, more aggressive ways or will that brush with death set him on a new path?


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 -Stu Somers

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