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Stu Somers
March 16, 2017

Welcome to my weekly comic book oriented article here at Flipside Gaming. I am going to be reviewing the previous week’s best Marvel books and preview the coming week’s books that are the most intriguing in descending order. So, without any further delay, here we go! Excelsior!


All-New Wolverine #18


This issue was pretty good as far as wrapping up Enemy of the State 2 while also moving Laura forward. I have a feeling Marvel is going to focus heavily on the new Wolverine with her recent performance in Logan. Ending the Kimura/Laura feud will help with this growth and considering this arc started with the mass killing of several hundred innocents there is quite an optimistic feel at the end.

IvX #6

Well, its over at least. Marvel has been missing pretty hard on these crossovers since Secret Wars, made they felt like they had to even it out a little bit in terms of the good/bad ratio. I am really hoping this is the end of the Heroes v. Heroes battles that have plagued Marvel for the past several years. While there is the full Emma Frost heel turn to take in, I have a feeling that things are going to get a lot less aggressive between the 2 sides with Secret Empire on the rise.

Kingpin #2

I was really enjoying this book until the ending, at which point it became my 2nd favorite Marvel book. I wasn’t sure when we were going to see Daredevil, but him appearing to Sarah at the end is really going to ramp things up. We also got some extra backstory to Sarah and her big of a jerk her ex-husband seems to be. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen to him sooner rather than later.

Man Thing #1

I think I liked this book more because it was R.L. Stine writing it than anything else. Man-Thing is cool as a Swamp Thing knock off, and I much prefer the latter, but this was still a fun book. Seeing a mutated swamp creature deal with Hollywood and how harsh it can be really came off great. I generally laughed at a few different points so that will be enough for me to come back for the next issue.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #15

This might be my favorite book out. The Spider-Man/Deadpool bromance is probably only second in Marvel to the Deadpool/Cable pairing. The two play off each other so well. This was part 2 of “Til Death Do Us..” and adding Spider-Man to fold really kicked it up for me. Spider-Man actually thinking Shiklah was there to help was great and the site of Deadpool riding a talking Eagle was fantastic. I cannot wait for the next issue, this is how to build an event up and make it enjoyable.


Amazing Spider-Man #25:


This is a 40 page special that does not have a lot of information about the story revealed at the moment. We can glean from the cover art and recent story revelations that Norman Osborn is going to be featured heavily in the coming months and that Spider-Man will be coming for him hard. With Parker Industries in some pretty dire straits, I think we are going to see Norman really start to put the screws to Peter as he struggles with both sides of his life.

Captain America: Sam Wilson #20

The last issues for the current story arc before Secret Empire begins and I think we are going to see things go out with a bang. The writers have clearly had a political agenda with this story and they are telling it fanastically. I would not be surprised to see some of the tail-end of this issue start to set things in motion for this comic’s part in Secret Empire.

The Mighty Thor #17

While Thor is trying to save people during her trails against the Shi’ar gods, there is going to be full on war being unleashed in space between Asgard and the Shi’ar. There will undoubtedly be some twists in this story and Odin has yet to wake up from his sleep that will add another gallon of gas to this fire, but it has been very entertaining so far and I have high hopes for this arc as it progresses.

Monsters Unleashed #5:

Well, at least for this crossover I can say that it has been nice to see Heroes not fighting each other. It has been cool to see the heroes’ team with so many monsters to fight, um, other monsters! That being said, this has been very boring from a story perspective. There has not been very much character drama or emotional investment throughout the issues. I would recommend getting the issues for some cool splash pages and humor moments, but if you are looking for some drama I recommend some of the other offerings that have come out recently.
Uncanny Avengers #21
A storyline that I feel is going to have a direct impact on Secret Empire, this fight against the Red Skull has been extremely entertaining. With Deadpool recruiting some unlikely help and Cable set to reboot his mind, the fight is going to be taken to the Red Skull very soon and it is going to hit the streets. I cannot wait to see how this all plays out and look back at the impact it is going to have.
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