Stu Somers
May 17, 2017

Welcome to this week’s Marvel Comics Preview/Review. This week we get to see Big Bird battle Thor, everyone’s favorite Cajun is back and Galactus eats some Hydra agents?! Excelsior!



Amazing Spider Man #27



We finally get to see Osborne and Parker go to war. Spider-man has gotten the additional backing from Silver Sable (Who revealed how she survived her run in with Rhino), a recently retired SHIELD agent in Mockingbird and all the toys and gadgets Parker Industries owned. That might have been enough but the reveal that Osborne has given all of his soldiers the Goblin serum means Spidey is in over his head again.


The Avengers #7


This was exactly as much fun as I thought it would be. Nadia being the only one to really stop and not shoot first makes me think that she is going to have an important part to play in this storyline. Victor again seems sincere that he is turning over a new leaf and the fact he won’t attempt to hurt a camp named after Sue Storm makes me think that his new turn might last longer than we first anticipated.

 Deadpool #30 


This issue was a lot larger than I realized. At nearly 80 pages of story, this was just one big adventure for Deadpool finding a way to finally put an end to Madcap. We had visits by Lady Sif, the Collector, the Brood and Nova Corp. I am pretty sure there was even a Lobo cameo and a mention of a green ring. Deadpool is at his best when he is not serious and this was him at his craziest.


Rocket #1


I did not expect this book to be this great, but I think it was the best one of the week. You would not think it, but Rocket as a noir detective in the middle of a multi-person heist was fantastic. The tone, setting, and art were all fantastic. You might not think you need to add this to your pull-list if you are already reading Guardians of the Galaxy but you would be mistaken. I have high hopes for this book and I look forward to see where it goes.



The Mighty Thor #19



This is the conclusion of the war between Asgard and the Shi’ar. The Phoenix Force is in full effect and it looks like Quentin is going to get what he wanted: Some excitement. We never really see Thor go up against the forces of the universe like Celestials or Eternity, but this is pretty close and will be very entertaining. I am sure Thor is going to get into Secret Empire so this might be the last time for a bit we get a standalone Thor story.

Secret Empire #2



We now focus on Dr. Strange and The Defenders trying to protect all the innocent people trapped in a different dimension and Baron Mordo trying to make their life difficult. This book has promised Dagger will play a big role which I like with her and Cloak’s show coming up. We also might get to see Iron Man start to turn the corner on what has caused Cap’s change and how to fix everything. Cosmic Cube and Tony Stark? What could go wrong?

Ultimates 2 #7



Since this is a Secret Empire tie-in, does that mean we get to see Galactus eat some Hydra agents?! I am curious as to how they will tie this in since there is a far bigger problem going on than Hydra taking over the USA on a random planet in the universe. I hope the story of who trapped Eternity and the rest of the changes to the cosmos does not get put on the back burner during Secret Empire. Tie-ins are really hit or miss when it comes to these plot lines.


X-men Gold #4



In the latest twist of nostalgia, we now get everyone’s favorite cajun, Gambit, back in action. He has not been as prominent in recent stories so I think we are going to get a lot more Gambit going forward. He is a staple of a lot of X-men teams and a fan favorite. If all of the rumors are to be believe and Marvel is listening to what the fans want, we might be stuck with the Cajun for a good long while, and that is a great thing!


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 -Stu Somers

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