Stu Somers
June 21, 2017

Welcome to my weekly comic book oriented article here at Flipside Gaming. Last week Deadpool choose a side of the war and Ultron decided to throw a dinner party for all of his old Avenger friends. This week the Patriot makes a return and Squirrel Girl enters the battle against Hydra. What chance do they have!? Onto the Reviews and Previews, excelsior!


Deadpool #32

Week to week, we are seeing the Deadpool books be the most consistently excellent stories for Marvel. Another huge character moment for Deadpool where he decided to not spill the location of Hawkeye’s secret base to avoid the inevitable blood shed both sides. It is a bit ironic that the character named “Deadpool” is the one trying to save lives but here we are!


Defenders #1



It would make sense for a Defenders book to start up with the showing coming out but this one was actually excellent. Brian Bendis’ has always had a link to these characters and this run will be as much about him reconnected as it will be about the Defenders kicking butt. The four characters work so well together that I am very excited to see where this current run goes.

Secret Empire #4


Another great installment for this run. I think a lot of people are writing this off due to the “Captain America can NOT be a fascist.” That is absurd to me since it is, you know, a comic book! Ultron surprisingly makes this book very interesting and I am sure he will be a threat that will need to be taken care of eventually but for now he is willing to sit back and watch things unfold.

X-Men Blue #5


I think this book slowed down things a bit much, but it added an important piece to the retro team line-up. They needed a Wolverine and they got one from the Ultimate Universe’s Jimmy Hudson. I think the bigger news is that there are more mutants from the Ultimate Universe and Ms. Sinister is looking to collect them for who knows what. It adds a pretty interesting side story to follow for the next few months as the Blue team continue to find their way.



Secret Empire: Brave New World #2


Here we have the debut of the new Patriot. I am not quite sure who it will be now that Sam Wilson has taken up the mantle as Falcon again. I was surprised to see this come in one of the companion series and now the main Secret Empire storyline. That being said, it will be interesting to see how they use this character that was the catalyst for this whole storyline beginning last year.


Now US Avengers #7

This is it, the moment that the war on Hydra starts going the heroes’ way. Squirrel Girl is entering the mix! All jokes aside, it will be interesting to see how Squirrel Girl comes to grips to the new world around her. She is a very light-hearted character but this is one of the darkest storylines in a long time and there needs to be a good balance between keeping the character’s personality from naturally shifting overnight and having her come to grips with her new reality.


Ultimates 2 #8



A battle as old as time, it is David Hasselhoff aka Ego the Living Planet taking on Galactus. These cosmic characters are truly getting fleshed out in more detail these days and I have a feeling that the endgame is going to reshape a lot of the cosmic aspects of the Marvel Universe. We have not even gotten to the Celestials yet and Eternity is still chained up so I think there will plenty of big moments to come and I am super excited for every one of them!


The Mighty Thor #20



Ultimate Thor died with his universe, but the hammer survived and made its way to the main Marvel Universe. This continues the trend of people and items from a different universe bleeding over to the main Marvel Universe. Once we find out who the new Odinson is, I have a feeling we are going to start to see some of these pieces starting to fall together and reveal a brand-new aspect to the Marvel Universe a la DC Rebirth.


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