1st Place -- Grixis Delver (Nate Barton); 2nd Place -- Elves (Erik Burger); 3rd Place -- RUG Delver (Rob North); 4th Place -- Manaless Dredge (Demian Steltz); 5th Place -- BUG Landstill (Kevin Hamel); 6th Place -- Death & Taxes (Mark Leach); 7th Place -- Colorless Eldrazi (Pete Repp); 8th Place -- Miracles (Rich Cali)

1st Place -- WR Humans (Joshua Berk); 2nd Place -- WR Tokens (Scott Collett); 3rd Place -- Bant Aggro (Collin Stiles); 4th Place -- Jeskai Control (Nathan McCarthy); 5th Place -- BG Delirium (Chris Calderon); 6th Place -- RG Pummeller (Garett Allen); 7th Place -- Abzan Midrange (Kevin Stewart); 8th Place -- Mardu Midrange (Greg Eichelberger)

1st Place -- Lingering Jund (Bryan Gottlieb); 2nd Place -- Jund (Rob North); 3rd Place -- Living End (Scott Bain); 4th Place -- Affinity (Gregory Eichelberger); 5th Place -- Dredge (Branden Cline); 6th Place -- Jund (Josh Peragine); 7th Place -- Merfolk (Matthew Kuhnel); 8th Place -- Jund (Kyle Phillips)

1st Place -- Lands (Jason Seaman); 2nd Place -- Lands (Paul Muller); 3rd Place -- Infect (Scott Collett); 4th Place -- Miracles (Matthew Kuhnel); 5th Place -- Esper Stoneblade (Ramius Pruiss); 6th Place -- Punishing Abzan (Scott Carl); 7th Place -- Maverick (Gabe Heitker); 8th Place -- Grixis Delver (Greg Cresci)

1st Place -- Naya Burn (Tyler DM); 2nd Place -- Merfolk (Erik Burger); 3rd Place -- Ad Nauseam (Rob Gailor); 4th Place -- Bant Company (Marcel Pratt); 5th Place -- Bring to Light Scapeshift (Michael McKinney); 6th Place -- Grixis Delver (Zach Carlin); 7th Place -- Esper Control (Scott Collet); 8th Place -- Jeskai Midrange (Kyle Dekleine)

1st Place -- Lands (Jason Seaman); 2nd Place -- Imperial Taxes (Stephen Hefferle); 3rd Place -- Dark Depths Combo (Josh Tomlin); 1st Place -- Miracles (Jonathon Celso); 5th Place -- Maverick (Gabe Heitker); 6th Place -- Elves (Scott Carl); 7th Place -- Ad Nauseam Tendrils (Phil Stroud); 8th Place -- Enchantress (Kevin Stewart)

1st Place -- Suicide Black Splashing Blue (Roland Chang); 2nd Place -- Goblins (Josh Nichols); 3rd Place -- GW Erhnamgeddon (Hunter Prendergast); 4th Place -- White Weenie (TJ Gullo)

1st Place -- BR Control (Mike Yudin); 2nd Place -- WWr Humans (Scott Carl); 3rd Place -- GR Ramp (Mario Cantres); 4th Place -- UR Eldrazi Control (Danielle Taylor); 5th Place -- Esper Dragons (Travis Jones); 6th Place -- WWr Humans (Joshua Berk); 7th Place -- Abzan Midrange (Christopher Calderon); 7th Place -- Abzan Midrange (Christopher Calderon); 8th Place -- Jund Midrange (Michael McKinney)

1st Place -- Bring to Light Scapeshift (Scott Collett); 2nd Place -- RG Valakut (Rob Gailor); 3rd Place -- Jund (Kevin Stewart); 4th Place -- Ad Nauseum (Jeremy Langevin); 5th Place -- GR Tron (Sean Fortune); 6th Place -- Mono Black Devotion (Chris Polacco); 7th Place -- GR Tron (Valerie Geloso); 8th Place -- Grixis Control (Grixis Controlr)

1st Place -- Colorless Eldrazi (Kevin Hamel); 2nd Place -- Merfolk (Connor Bryant); 3rd Place -- Dragon Stompy (Gary McClelland); 4th Place -- Dredge (Pete Repp); 5th Place -- Miracles (Max Jones); 6th Place -- Grixis Delver (Greg Cresci); 7th Place -- Infect (Stephen Hefferle); 8th Place -- Elves (Erik Burger)

1st Place -- Temur Aggro (Maura Fitzgerald); 2nd Place -- The Deck (John Grudzina); 3rd Place -- Suicide Black Splashing Blue (Roland Chang); 4th Place -- Underworld Dreams Combo (Justin Beckert); 5th Place -- The Deck (Rion Marmelstein); 6th Place -- Suicide Black (Timithy Lee); 7th Place -- White Weenie (Randy LaMountain); 8th Place -- Bantageddon (Michael Melnick)

1st Place -- Miracles (Chris Calderon); 2nd Place -- Nahiri Miracles (Lee Tanner); 3rd Place -- Miracles (Max Jones); 4th Place -- Miracles (Trey Bowman); 5th Place -- RUG Guided Passage (Alex Dantz); 5th Place -- Griselbrand Reanimater (Gary McClelland); 7th Place -- Goblins (Phillip Stroud); 8th Place -- Elves (Erik Burger)